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Continuous blood sugar monitoring in the cloud with ‘Nightscout’

I came across a very cool DIY project tonight.  It’s called ‘Nightscout’, and essentially it’s an open source project to connect your Dexcom G4 continuous glucose monitor to the cloud.  You need a special cable, a smartphone with a data… Continue Reading →

What do you think about using stem cells to cure Diabetes?

I never know quite what to think about it.  This article was written back in October, but I came across it with a search on Reddit today that had a lot of interest, so I decided to share. The research… Continue Reading →

Am I Biased Against Prevention?

It’s easy for me to get focused on new advances in treatment of Type I Diabetes more than prevention.  Knowing that about myself presents some internal conflict, since my specialty is Family Medicine, and aren’t we all about prevention of disease?… Continue Reading →

Insulin as an “Anti-Aging” hormone

Every once in a while I find something special that changes my thinking, or does a really great way of summarizing important ideas. Such is the case with Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, and a presentation she gave last year. She is… Continue Reading →

The first patient with a ready-for-prime-time “artificial pancreas” in action.

I heard about this case last week, and I’ve been processing it quite a bit.  All I can keep thinking is, “how can we get this in the US?”.  How many days have we had poking fingers, nagging our kid,… Continue Reading →

Thank you team Riding On Insulin

Thanks to the team from Riding On Insulin for a great weekend. Matt, any PhD candidate who is passionate about spending his free time inspiring kids is awesome in my book. Oh, and thanks for helping dig Reece out of… Continue Reading →

Public Health Enemy #1… Sugar

Anyone who knows me knows that I love graphs and data. I’ve learned to that the saying, “you can’t change what you don’t measure” is a good rule of thumb to live by. With that introducion in mind, I would… Continue Reading →

Weight Loss = Free Dessert

I didn’t know a free dessert could mean so much…  but I recently found out otherwise. I got a text message from my wife seeing if I wanted to go out to dinner at a special local Italian restaurant that… Continue Reading →

An Update on the Islet Cell Transplant Cure

It was time to make another post on Pancreas Hero, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it should be about. I kept coming back to the original mission of the site of spreading positivity and hope for a… Continue Reading →

Why you need to know that “4g = 1tsp”

Did you know that when you read food labels the amount of sugar in the food is hidden in a simple code? That’s right… Take the Total Carbohydrate and divide by the number 4. This will give you a very close approximation… Continue Reading →

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