Eric Topol has become one of my favorite physicians on Twitter to follow. A cardiologist in La Jolla, CA, Eric keeps my curious mind satisfied with easily digestible nuggets of information laced with humor, salient news, and hard data.

The tweet I want to share with you is one that’s been circulating in my mind for the past few days since I read it. I believe we are on a path to finding a real cure for Type I Diabetes. This is quite incredible. If you had asked me how I felt about it in 2012 when our son was diagnosed, I would have had major doubts about the possibility of a cure. But, my doubts come from linear thinking. I was assuming that progress would continue at the same rate every year. In 2016 it looks like progress is happening on a more exponential scale. This is true for technology, but also has truth in medical research and progress.

Eric’s post links to an article from May 10 in the journal Nature, “A step towards using patient derived β islet-cells for treatment of autoimmune #diabetes”. I’ve read lots of articles about islet cell transplantation. This excites me because when successful it can be used to let a patient produce more of their own insulin. No need for protecting transplanted beta cells from the immune system with immunosuppressant drugs or encapsulated devices.

Thanks to Eric for sharing, and thanks to the medical research community for their continued passion for finding a cure!