My family has a tradition of wandering into the used bookstore on Sunday’s while we are waiting to have breakfast at a local restaurant that we love. I have a few departments that usually draw my attention. Today it was the health and diet shelf. There was a book by Dr. Daniel Amen, “Change Your Brain, Change Your Body” that jumped off the shelf at me. I heard an interview with Dr. Amen a while back on Bulletproof Radio that I enjoyed, so I decided to take a look inside.

I like books with data and an action plan. This one has both. I’m posting about it here because several times Dr. Amen talks about the importance of blood sugar on brain health. This is a point that I wholeheartedly agree with from my own studies and experience. Dr. Amen’s perspective is that if you focus on the health of our most important organ (the brain), the rest of the body naturally gets better. I have heard this before from other people, and it’s true for me as well. I like to share things that I believe in. This is one of them. If you are interested in the book, I’ve included a link so you can get it on Amazon.

Happy reading 🙂