Answer: Believe in yourself.

Last week I was finishing up with a patient when her 70-year-old daughter pulled me aside and said, “I know this isn’t my appointment, but I want to tell you something. I lost 40-lbs.” I thought she looked different than the last time I saw her, but I was mostly focused on her mom who was there for the visit. How did she do it? According to her, “You told me you believed I could. I didn’t believe it, but you did.” Over time, her belief changed, and she saw herself as someone who could lose the weight she had been trying to lose for years. She got rid of her old clothes that are now too big, and never plans to turn back. Her diet strategy was Paleo, a personal favorite of mine, but I think the change in her mindset was the most important key to her success, rather than a specific diet. You might argue that this answer is too simplistic, and I accept that. I, on the other hand, absolutely believe these kind of results are not only possible, but repeatable from what I’ve seen in my practice. Mindset is HUGE! 

Made my day, so I had to share!