Sometimes I find something online that is a great tool that I just have to share. This is one that I wish we’d had when Reece was first diagnosed with Type I. It’s an iPhone/iOS app, designed by a company called Pancreum.

The app, “BolusCalc”, takes basic information and guides you on estimating an appropriate insulin bolus at any given time. You need to know some basics outlined below (hopefully easy to come by with the direction of your endocrinologist/physician):




  • Target BG – sugar you are shooting for
  • Carb to Insulin Ratio – how many grams of carbohydrate a unit of insulin will cover for you
  • BG to Insulin Ratio – how many points a unit of insulin is predicted to lower your blood sugar
  • Current BG – blood sugar right now
  • Carbohydrate Intake – planned amount of carbohydrate to eat now in grams
  • Upcoming Exercise – adjustment for planned activity level


The app then calculates a “Suggested Bolus”, which I have found to be quite good. I really like this as a teaching tool. You can really see how different you insulin needs are if you plan to exercise vigorously, or if you eat a particularly high carbohydrate meal.

Part of what intrigues me about this company is that their DNA is in the business of testing a working closed-loop artificial pancreas device. Exciting stuff! Technical staff and founders have roots in OmniPod and Medtronic devices (OmniPod is what our son currently uses, and we believe it is the best pump available right now). Pancreum won the DiabetesMine Design Challenge for their device in 2011.

Pancreum has released a total of 8 handy insulin calculators. I have them all downloaded on my iPhone, and I have enjoyed playing with them.  The calculations seem to be spot-on for each.

I hope you find these little gems helpful, as I did.