“Diabetes Rising” is one of the best pieces of medical journalism I have ever read read.  It starts off telling the story of the history of diabetes, from discovery to modern day.  He goes into great detail about what we know, and about why the rate of diabetes has been increasing (both type I and type II).  The book finishes with hope for the future, discussing potential cures on the horizon and the best strategies for prevention.  His book was certainly inspiration for starting this blog.

I first heard of Dan Hurley on an interview with Dave Asprey on Bulletproof Executive Radio.  The interview was sparked from Dan’s rise in popularity after writing “Can You Make Yourself Smarter” for the New York Times Magazine.  It was one of the magazine’s most-read articles of the year.  Dan was inspired to write the post because of his own journey.   He was labeled a “slow learner” in the third grade, and has since gone on to turn his life completely around.  He has increased his own fluid intelligence by 16%, has been featured on Dr. Oz, among plenty of other accolades.

Dan is now an award-winning science journalist.  He has had type I diabetes for more than 30 years.  He writes for the New York Times, Men’s Health, Psychology Today, and Neurology today.

I strongly recommend this read to anyone who has diabetes, knows a diabetic, or is a health-care professional.  I’ve become a reading hobbyist over the last year, and this book is in my Top 5 book list of all time.  I learned a lot, and not just about diabetes, but also about humanity.

As we continue to move forward with Pancreas Hero, I would love feedback from you, our readers on anything we can do better, things you would like to hear more about, or just questions about Type I Diabetes.  Thanks for reading, and thank you Dan!

“Diabetes Rising” can be found here on Amazon.