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September 2014

An Update on the Islet Cell Transplant Cure

It was time to make another post on Pancreas Hero, and I’ve been thinking a lot about what it should be about. I kept coming back to the original mission of the site of spreading positivity and hope for a… Continue Reading →

Why you need to know that “4g = 1tsp”

Did you know that when you read food labels the amount of sugar in the food is hidden in a simple code? That’s right… Take the Total Carbohydrate and divide by the number 4. This will give you a very close approximation… Continue Reading →

“Should” is a Bad Word

“Don’t should me dad!” This is a quote from the daughter of one of my best friends. It seemed like a funny thing to say, but when I really thought about it, I couldn’t agree more. Should has become an… Continue Reading →

Taking Insulin to the Ends of the Earth

I spent last Saturday at the Taking Control of Your Diabetes conference in Missoula, Montana. It was an inspiring day mixed with continuing medical education, meeting some great people, and feeling hope for humankind. The conference was founded by an… Continue Reading →

Dr. David Perlmutter is a Pancreas Hero !

I first heard of David Perlmutter, MD, a board certified neurologist, while listening to The Gluten Summit last year.  I thought that he was very well spoken, and enjoyed his talk.  Soon after that, his book, “Grain Brain” was published,… Continue Reading →

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